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We are using best quality icing paper, not cheap rice paper.
For larger orders please contact us via email or phone.

Photos and images for cakes, pies and pastries, specially made from food coloring.

Excellent photo print quality at the lowest price!

You can make your own cake or buy a ready made cake from the store and then make it unique with beautiful decorations with an edible picture.

Make your own cake and decorate it with your own image. This can be so easy and beautiful that you will hardly believe it when you see the final result.

Edible picture paper is thin and you can print any photo you want on it. You will see the picture in exactly the same way as you see it in the photo. If you do not have your own photo, you can select a picture from our catalogue. Edible picture is very suitable both for the kids, for birthdays, and for printing company logos, promotions and events.

Send us your photo or select an image from our catalogue and we will print it on edible paper with special edible inks. You can easily put edible pictures on any cake.

If you want to add something extra, such as text, frame, or some other effect, please contact us and we will do it for you for free. We are keen to achieve optimal results for you to be satisfied.

Decorate your cake in an interesting way with edible pictures and make your celebration unique.

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